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Northwest Gardener Flips a House (Part 2)

living room before.

Living room before.

New, beautiful flooring went in today. I didn’t realize I needed to provide the transition pieces. Thankfully a friend who

is an expert house flipper directed me to a wholesaler for just the pieces I needed saving me hours of scrambling around for matching pieces. I felt so blessed she just happened to be on site today as I realized this error. I was able to get back to the construction site without having to pay for the installers to come out again.

Also, my painters convinced me that I should put in the trim and paint it prior to the flooring installation. It made sense to not have to paint the trim with the new flooring in place so we installed the trim, leaving just enough room for the flooring to slip under. Unfortunately, this was not a good idea as the flooring installers had to remove the flooring anyways! The mistake cost me about $100 or so to have

flooring 3

Flooring after.

the trim reinstalled but if that is my worst mistake in my first house flip… I am doing ok!

I purchased the flooring at Costco and it is called Camden Oak by Harmonics. But beware! You’ll need to find transition pieces on your own.

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