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How to repurpose playhouse into rustic potting shed

  1. Begin with a structurally sound playhouse.
    Playhouse before re-purposing into a rustic garden shed.

    Playhouse before re-purposing into a rustic garden shed.

    2.Use a sawzall to cut a squares under the mudsills on each side of the playhouse, front and back. Insert 4 by 4 or larger beams horizontally to be used to jack up the playhouse.


    Allow for space to insert beam.

    3. After inserting lifting beams through the cutouts from side to side, remove flooring and joists.


    Remove floor structure.

    4. Using car jacks, carefully lift the playhouse and place the beams on concrete blocks. Never allow any extremities under the house as you are jacking it up. if working alone, alternate clockwise, lifting each corner slightly and place block underneath lifting beam.


    Concrete blocks secure the structure as it is lifted.

    5. Once the structure is slightly higher than desired finished height, secure the structure on blocks. Using concrete blocks as a foundation base, be sure to level the blocks and use concrete to secure them into place. Fill and level the interior floor area.


    Concrete block foundation.

    6. Build pony walls to be place under the structure. Remove siding and replace with cedar siding.


    Residing the repurposed playhouse.

    7. Install the windows.

    stained glass

    Stained glass windows picked up at a garage sale.

    8. Using a combination of steel wool and vinegar, soaked for three days, stain the siding to give it a weathered look.

    complete shed

    Rustic potting shed from repurposed playhouse.

    complete shed 2

    Front view of the repurposed playhouse into rustic potting shed.

    solar powed lights

    Solar lights shine through the stained glass windows.


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