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How to make new siding look aged

As my kids outgrew their playhouse, I had visions of turning it into a rustic potting shed.  I raised the shed and added a 24 inch cripple wall to increase the height. I then sheathed it and resided it. But the new siding was not the look I wanted. So here is what I did.

  1. Here you can see the look of the new siding. siding
  2. To get the aged look, I added steel wool to vinegar and allowed it to sit for a few days. I only used rice wine vinegar since I accidentally bought an extra bottle when I made a recipe for PF Changs Lettuce wraps. Any plain ole vinegar will work. IMG_6513
  3. After the steel wool and vinegar mixture sits for a few days, it  becomes a rusty looking mixture.IMG_6516
  4. I use an old paint brush to brush the mixture onto the wood. You can see that I am demonstrating how it looks on two different pieces of wood. The top piece is a piece of cedar you would use for a fence. The bottom piece is a piece of new, tight-knot cedar siding. IMG_6522
  5. I let the wood dry overnight and added another coat of the vinegar mixture. Again, the top piece is cedar fence material and the bottom piece is the siding. What a difference!IMG_6557
  6. The finish product – An aged and rustic looking potting shed. I love it!complete shed

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