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Dividing Hostas

My hostas loved the location they were in but became overcrowded. So I set out to divide them to provide more plants for another location.


Hostas becoming to large for their current location.

I dug the hosta up early in the spring when the growth was about 3-4 inches tall. After digging up one of the large hostas I set out to divide it.


This particular hosta was very dense. I thought I could easily divide with with a shovel. But the shovel couldn’t penetrate the clump.


Next I tried a pitch fork but again could not pull apart the hosta.


Finally, I tried a serrated garden knife and although it was stubborn, I was able to begin to separate the plant. IMG_6440

The serrated garden knife made it through the hosta and I was able to cut it into 6 sections. I like to divide perennials into sets of three to have a nice combination for their next location.


I now have six beautiful new plants to plant in a new location.


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