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Susan Camerer – Gardener, Blogger, Real Estate Professional, Mom and Wife

     Your home and garden isn’t a place as much as it is a feeling. A place to spend time with family and friends, a place to feel safe, loved, connected and understood. The place you can be 100% you!

     I began my career over 25 years ago as co-founder of a non-profit that develops and builds beautiful, yet affordable housing for very low income, homeless families; families that just needed a little extra support to succeed. Although housing was the priority in the properties we developed, the outdoor spaces where also important. Children need space to run, play and interact with others. Adults need space to garden, build community, to socialize and relax. As I now branch out into the for-profit world of real estate, my goal remains the same – to provide safe, beautiful homes and gardens where families and individuals can grow and thrive.

     I hope you will enjoy this blog, share it with others and return often. I promise to fill it with useful tips, beautiful gardens, fun home projects and a bit of inspiration.


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